Our Capabilities Comprehensive
Our engineers are expert, committed to process innovation.

Get the most out of your first run, we provide feedback based on the build and you get rapid form, fit and function.

New Product Introductions
We establish and fine-tune manufacturing processes and will assist in transferring to a high-volume facility.

For the right families of products we can be globally competitive in production.

Support Services
Rework, repair, failure analysis and cutting edge development. Fine pitch, COB (Chip-on-board), COF (Chip on Flex), BGA, QFN, LGA, DFN, CSP, uBGA, Flip Chips….

Download "Manufacturability Report - Bandwidth Board"
Download "Laser Soldering Services"
Our capabilities include:
  • PCB assembly of diverse component packages
  • Software installation (component, firmware and application)
  • PCBA and system testing
  • Surface mount and manual production process development
  • Materials management
  • Product serialization
  • Quality assurance (ISO 9001:2008) AS9100
  • International logistics experience, including packaging and crating

SGS 9001:2008     IPC