Our Approach Collaborative and Complementary
Our experience preparing products for manufacture accelerates your time to market. We call this Optimal Product Realization. We can help you manage materials, eliminate wasteful steps and reduce errors, which will reduce your costs

Clients value our manufacturing, assembly, testing, procurement and logistical expertise. Expertise built on a rich foundation of engineering fundamentals, business strategy and sound values.

For over 30 years ATC has teamed with our clients through all stages of the product optimization process:
  1. Concepts & Ideas
  2. Functional Requirements (Block Diagrams)
  3. Design Development (Schematics - Creating Bill of Material)
  4. Prototype (1st Bill of Material defined & 1st Components and PCB's Purchased)
  5. Testing -Internal & External (Product standards & Regulations)
  6. Pre-Production
  7. Warranty & Service
  8. Obsolescence Management & End of Life Support

Contract Manufacturing Services for Electronic Printed Circuit Board Assemblies.

You decide the role
you want us to play.