QualityCommitted and Focused

Analog Technologies adheres to strict high quality practices to ensure reliability. Our Quality Management System standards include supplier management, traceability systems, operator certification, documentation control, in-line process controls, process qualification, ongoing reliability monitors and a robust corrective action system. Executive management reviews the quality management system on a regular basis to ensure ongoing effectiveness. Analog Technologies is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Quality Policy
The management and employees of ATC, for the benefit of ourselves and our customers will:
  1. Commit ourselves to quality and customer satisfaction;
  2. Provide defect-free products that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements and expectations;
  3. Comply to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements; and
  4. Continually improve the effectiveness of our QMS and processes.
                                                                                                                                    QMS Committee
Recent Customer Comment
"Just thought I’d follow up and let you know how our testing went on the design that was conformal coated with Conathane CE-1155. We passed a 96 hour Salt Fog test per DO-160F. The unit ran for 24 hours after the test with no issues. We are very happy with the job that Analog Technologies did on the conformal coating of the boards." Bob

Thanks for your support! You guys have always been great to work with."